I’ve been reading Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange for 25 years now. When I first entered the workforce, I remember being amazed that there was a magazine focused on the human aspects of our industry. As I started meeting more folks, I was so excited to see them featured in The Exchange. It’s such a perfect way to stay connected with former colleagues and even learn new things about current colleagues. I can’t tell you how many times I read an article about someone I work with and gained an insight about them.

To go a step further, writing for The Exchange is such an honor. The first time I did it, I was so proud to see my story in black and white. I brought a copy to my parents and they thought I was a celebrity. It was a wonderful experience and I have contributed many times since. We always encourage young folks at SSCG to contribute. They have the same excitement in seeing stories about colleagues and their own stories on the pages of The Exchange.

Congratulations on 30 years! Looking forward to reading new issues for many years to come.

Kerrie Sovelove

Senior Vice President, Director of Multichannel Media, SSCG Media Group

Every time Nancy or a member of her team ask me to write an article, I jump at the opportunity. Not only do I love the opportunity to share about myself with our industry, I find writing therapeutic and enjoyable. Writing for The Exchange also starts conversations. People have reached out to me, some who I know, some who I’m getting to know. We get to engage in topics outside of healthcare and learn about each other. Additionally, my family has enjoyed the articles I’ve contributed. My parents send hard copies to my relatives. Too funny!

Tom Boyle

Media Supervisor, Multichannel Media

My experience writing for Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange has been great! The Exchange has and continues to be a terrific way to share more about yourself within the industry that others may not know about you, as well as get helpful recommendations from other contributors.

I’ve contributed a few times over the years, but enjoyed writing about vinyl records the most (Analog In A Digital World, March 2012). Several industry colleagues reached out after I wrote that article. They shared how passionate they also were about the format.

Since then, I’ve built up my vinyl record collection to 150+ records. My wife and I now have a seven-year-old son Jack and four-year-old daughter Leah, who both love picking out records to put on the turntable. We’re even starting to collect Disney soundtracks on vinyl.

Brett Marvel

Associate Director, Merck Vaccines, Customer Engagement

I’ve been writing for Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange from the beginning, and have had the pleasure of contributing 15 articles so far. The first, a Mets vs. Yankees riff, was followed by a comparison of babies vs. dogs. Virtually every article since then has had photos (or copy) about my daughter (now almost 21) who has no idea photos of her have been circulating without her permission (please let’s keep the secret). The feedback I’ve received has been tremendously rewarding. Wishing Nancy many more years of success!

Paulette McCarron

Senior Vice President, Group Client Leader, Havas Media


I shared The Battles I Couldn’t Pick – From COVID to Cancer in the August 2021 issue of The Exchange. It was my story about a serious case of COVID that ended up revealing lung cancer…and possibly saving my life.

In my case, initially, I was very nervous even thinking about sharing my story, particularly because I went through very difficult and life-threatening moments. I had no idea how my story would be received, especially by readers who had no idea who I even was. But I shared anyway, and I felt a sigh of relief.

To my surprise, I received TONS of encouraging and positive feedback. Friends, colleagues, folks with whom I hadn’t been in touch for so many years, and people who I did not even know sent me emails, direct messages on LinkedIn, comments on the link to my article (which my boss posted), comments and direct messages on Facebook (where I shared the article). My mobile phone blew up with texts from friends who did not know what I went through, and only found out via the article. I felt so moved by the words of encouragement and inspiration from everyone.

My experience participating in Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange ended up being a very pleasant one. Nancy and the team made it easy for me to submit my article and the editing process was a breeze. It’s wonderful how The Exchange gives people a voice and a platform to share their experiences.

Jeanne M. Jennings

Senior Vice President, Media Lead, McCann Health Engagement


I saw on LinkedIn the announcement about the 30th Anniversary issue celebration. Two questions captured my attention.

• How has The Exchange impacted you personally and professionally?

• Updated stories on past written articles?

In 2018, I lost my pharmaceutical job after almost 30 years in the industry. I stepped away from corporate life and cycled across the country, twice. I re-entered the corporate world working with Health Monitor Network as their Vice President of Pharma Sales. COVID-19 arrived and the world (and businesses) transformed.

In the middle of COVID, your magazine ran an article about my experiences on the saddle – One Man’s “Never Give Up” Story by Rodnell E. Workman, August 2020. Another thing happened. I received many notes from friends as well as folks I don’t know sharing their congratulations on the journey. I had completed a manuscript for Suit to Saddle, but I had put everything on the back burner for the time being. It was a busy time working through the pandemic!

I left Health Monitor in April 2021, and completed my book in September 2021. I’m currently writing a second book, Forty to Finish, that will chronicle the second bike ride. I plan to return to the pharmaceutical industry in some capacity early next year after completing Forty to Finish.

So, you has The Exchange impacted me? Simply put, my story had a positive impact on others. This notion of losing a job after a long successful career is not isolated. I think others can relate. And then the second question...any updates on past written articles? Visit my Amazon site and website

Never too old to learn new tricks!

My best to you!

Larry Walsh

Formerly Vice President, Pharma Sales, Health Monitor Network


Dear Nancy,

I received so many nice messages from former industry colleagues after publishing “A Legacy of Reading Passed Onto Our Grandson Desmond” in the September, 2021 issue of The Exchange.

My experience with you and Elise Daly Parker, editor, was a pleasure through the submission process. Elise recognized the importance of maintaining my voice resulting in an interesting read.

An unexpected consequence of the article was hearing from individuals who, like me, had begun a “second act” following their healthcare career.

Also, it was gratifying to receive approbation from parents and grandparents who recognize how reading to children at the earliest age benefits a child’s success later in life.

Thank you for this opportunity for helping me get my message to your readers.


Doug Snelson

Children's Book Author, Literacy Champion & Poet

Dear Nancy,

Thanks again for publishing my tidbit on Pepe’s pizza here in Ct.

I received two email contacts that were ver y much appreciated. One was from Steve Biale who I hired back in1982 when I was the sales manager at Drug Topics magazine. It was his first job out of college with an interim stop with the Dallas Cowboys. He had busted his knee and did not make the team. He has gone on to great things within the healthcare industry and I am very proud to have been able to get him started.

The other contact was from Mike Mirvica. We have known each other throughout our many years working in the medical publishing industry. We became closer friends when we both lived in Ocean City, NJ. He is still working at his medical publishing rep firm

God Bless,
Al Lucchesi


“We needed to reach out to our industry colleagues quickly to make them aware of a new and exciting sales position at our organization. Nancy (Publisher of The Exchange) was flexible and creative. She came up with a unique solution that met our needs. We had posted our job opening on LinkedIn, Indeed, and a variety of other networking and job search sites, but the post in Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange print and digital platforms produced more qualified candidates than any other source. In the end, we hired someone who saw our promotion in HME!”

David Horowitz

Senior Vice President, Director of Sales, Harborside

I have been a fan and reader of Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange since its launch in the early ‘90s. It’s a forum for the grassroots base of the Pharma industry that goes beyond business happenings. The Exchange offers a window into the interests and experiences of our industry family. There is no other publication – nor has there been – like The Exchange. The spectrum of editorial contributions enlighten, inform, and entertain. It has been my pleasure to be a contributor over the years. My most recent contribution on Pickleball (my retirement avocation) resulted in several calls from old friends and colleagues.

John R. Clay

Former President

Strategic Healthcare Alliance


Thank you, Nancy, for allowing me to contribute to Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange.

First, I always enjoy participating, since I have the fondest memories of you, Nancy, starting this great interactive publication and watching it flourish. I am so proud of you and your team. Elise and your team are dedicated and it is truly an inspiration to be part of The Exchange family.

Every time I do contribute, I am motivated and enthusiastic. Why? Because it is an opportunity for me to connect with all my colleagues from both prior jobs and current positions. I put a lot of time and effort into writing for The Exchange, since I want my audience who are my friends and colleagues to enjoy and actually be interested in what I communicate.

Many of my articles have been about my own experiences and my positive outlook. I have had my share of heartaches, challenges, and life-altering situations together with my husband Stephen and daughter Heather. Without a positive outlook, we would not be where we are today. I have been told from your readers, Nancy, that my articles have helped many look at the bright side. If you know me, my motto is always, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” Well, so many have told me, in emails and in calls, they faced hardship when they felt like they were going to give up. Then they read The Exchange and said, “If Dora can do it – go through over 28 operations, survive breast cancer, close one business, and open another in a pandemic – then we can get through our issues.”

My last article was about whether we work from home or live at work. Nancy, I am not kidding. I had over 150 calls!! I had calls from people I have not talked to in over 10 years, calls saying how true my words were and how much my article resonated. The article was fun since I was able to take a picture at my home bar with my wonderful daughter, best friend, and respected colleague Heather, who was having a virtual Tequila Tuesday with her clients. So, we had fun, since we really do live at work vs. work at home. The trick is to know when to stop. I am still working on that. We all work harder than ever, but we do what we need to in order to get the job done. Your publication brings people together – reunites old friends, helps us make new friends, generates business, and builds awareness.

I will continue to want to write for The Exchange if I have something I believe can inspire people and make them smile and laugh.

Thank you for allowing me to share this – you and your team are in my heart.

P.S. I have Heather’s Mother’s Day article hanging in my office and framed. My Mother My Hero truly touched my heart. Thanks again, and here is to another 30 + years!!

Dora P. Shankman, President and CEO

DPS Strategic Media Enterprises, LLC


Hi Nancy,

I was very touched by the various emails I received regarding my article. Several people wrote and asked me to thank my son for his service. Another person contacted me because he was also a USNA graduate and felt a personal connection to my article. I also was able to send copies of the Exchange to family members as well as my Uncle Jack who said he had tears in his eyes while reading it. Writing the article was a great experience!

I think it would be great for November (Veterans Day) and May (Memorial Day) to have an Honor Issue where people can write in a short blurb with a photo of a family member who served/is currently serving or who has given the ultimate sacrifice. You could do it by service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard/Merchant Marines.  You could also do a photo contest of young military photo and then current day – sort of like the baby photos!


Carol Timberlake

President & CEO

Timberlake Media Services, Inc.


Hi Nancy!

Hope all is well and happy Friday!!

Thanks for your call.  I really enjoyed sharing my Cuba experience and did get some great feedback!  I was told it was well written, very descriptive, had folks tell me they were interested in traveling to Cuba and asked if I could share some tips.  One person commented on my friend Miriam and “what the hell was Miriam thinking to smuggle those Wifi towers into the country!” And another said, “I would have left her there!”  All in good fun of course, but the comments were pretty amusing.  I was told it was educational and informative.

I shared the article with my family and my mom, who was against my going in the first place, said it was a really well written article and that she was so proud of me for going and how much she admired me for willing to take chances and trying new things.

So…there you have it!  A positive experience overall!!

Have a great weekend and see you soon at BFBC!

Ivette McFarland

Group Supervisor, Multichannel Media

SSCG Media Group


Hi Nancy,

It was fun writing the article for the Personal Exchange. I always enjoy hearing more about colleagues that I have worked with for 10+ years, so it was exciting to be able share a little more about myself.

I received several responses from the article – two people let me know they have similar travel ambitions (cruising the world and driving cross country), one other complimented the picture of me with my children, and another just wanted to say they enjoyed reading it. It was also cute to see my parents and husband get so excited about it – “Oh my goodness – this is about you!”.


Natalie Dubbs

Vice President, Group Supervisor, Multichannel Media

SSCG Media Group


Hi Nancy,

I had a wonderful response (10+ folks) from my article Best Day In . . . London. I received a couple of in person comments, and the rest were emails.

I’ve written for the exchange at least 10 times and I enjoy it every time. Thanks!

Paulette McCarron

Vice President, Group Director, Media

Publicis Health Media

Dear Nancy,

Writing for THE EXCHANGE is always a pleasure - and gives us all a unique way to stay in touch with colleagues.

The December issue was especially fun. We are certainly are a diverse group! Too often, we are so involved in seeking business meeting deadlines and fulfilling clients' needs that it's easy to forget that we all have lives outside of healthcare marketing & communications. Sharing our experiences is a wonderful way to learn from one another personally and professionally.

Thank you for allowing me to share my Moonbeams experience with readers of THE EXCHANGE.

Marion E. Gold

Communications That Make A Difference


Dear Nancy,

The BBQ article was a big hit. I have had three or four people comment that they enjoyed it. It even connected me to an old industry contact, Peg Dougherty Marcus, who I last saw 10 years ago at Giovanni’s Shrimp truck on the North Shore of Oahu. For those of you who don’t know Peg, she is a co-founder of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

Bill Hahn
Science Branding Communications


Dear Nancy,

I had a wonderful experience writing for the HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE. I received a phenomenal response from my April 2015 article on “My Best Vacation with My Best Friend, My Beloved Welsh Terrier, Gracie”.

One professional in particular wrote me and was incredibly nostalgic, reflecting on summer vacations when he was a little boy, going to Maine with the family Welsh Terrier. “I'm looking at the picture of Gracie right now…brings back wonderful memories,” wrote Richard Devanna, National Accounts Manager, Cunningham Associates. We exchanged several emails on this topic and it was heartwarming for both of us.

Adding to the poignancy of this, was that in April, just when the article went to press, Gracie was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She had surgery and has been on chemotherapy since then. So our summer has been challenging and we haven’t been able to go on a vacation with Gracie this year. Her breeder, Lynda, who was profiled in the article, and we have become very close again, and we shared the article with her and her friends. They all felt it captured the true essence of the breed, and of Gracie in particular. I have the article framed on my home office wall and we simply could not have had a better experience writing it, seeing it published, and reconnecting with folks by distributing the article, and hearing from folks who read it and shared with me how it grabbed at their heart strings and made them smile.

I loved writing this article!

Camille DeSantis
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Chief of Brand Strategy and Client Services

Guard Dog Development


Dear Nancy,

Writing a story for the November 2014 issue of the HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE gave me the opportunity to share something I care deeply about. It also contributed to the incubation of the idea for my personal blog (, pushed me forward in launching my new career with a nonprofit organization, and gave me an opportunity to re-connect with some colleagues. The absolute best part about it though was Nora’s heartfelt joy. I have yet to discover anything worth doing that’s more rewarding than making someone you care about smile.

Since writing “Mondays with Nora”, I have moved into the nonprofit sector of our industry, and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for publishing the annual Charity issue of HME, and please continue. Its value may be immeasurable, but I know it makes a big difference.

Best Regards,

Sue Nickles

Grants Writer/Cancer Care


Dear Nancy,

I always enjoy writing for HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE and contributing because you never know what connections you can make after one reads an article. The fact that my contact information is listed on the bottom of the page also makes it easy for folks to connect. I received about 25 emails and several phone calls from folks interested in connecting with me in order to find job opportunities and having me represent them. Folks ranging from junior to senior level contacted me. It was also really refreshing to hear how my article impacted folks and to talk about similarities in experiences.


Matthew West

Director/Advice Personnel, Inc.


Dear Nancy,

Thanks so very much for the opportunity to write my article about domestic violence and share the Center for Hope and Safety (One Is Too Many, November 2014). It is an amazing organization working on a vitally important issue, and I am privileged to have a small part in what they do. I am deeply grateful to you for devoting an entire issue to the good work that so many good people and good organizations are engaged in. After reading about these initiatives, I have renewed hope that the world can become a better, brighter, kinder, more caring place.

I so appreciate the wonderful work you and your colleagues do at THE EXCHANGE! You really are unique in this industry. With every issue, you create a community that connects us in ways we could not have imagined. You illuminate the larger lives we lead, outside the workplace, by giving us a voice, enabling us to share our passions, and to communicate with one another through channels that would otherwise be unavailable to us.

You give us an opportunity to see the person within the professional, the beating heart and generous spirit and quirky self inside the focused, disciplined, business-minded workhorse. We come alive to each other and can better understand one another - the foundation of any true community of like-minded and well-meaning individuals. In the end, what brings us together is so much stronger than what pulls us apart. You and your colleagues at THE EXCHANGE demonstrate that principle compellingly and in a spirit of good will and good humor with the humanistic perspective you bring to every endeavor.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Forster

PRI Healthcare Solutions


Dear Nancy,

Writing for THE EXCHANGE is a great way to share your message with healthcare professionals who are always looking for ways to advance their communication skills. The people at the EXCHANGE were professional and very easy to work with.

Warm Regards,

Karen Friedman

Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc.


Dear Nancy,

I am passing along this very nice note from Mary Skoyles about my recent article in the October Issue of THE EXCHANGE (2014).

Terry Krongold

Associate Director, Materials Approval Process

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Corporation

Here is an email response to my article:

Hi Terry:

I saw your article in THE EXCHANGE early last week and your dinner experience at the Red Hat sounded so good, I tore the article out, put it in my bag, and when I got home showed it to Dan (the love of my life). We called the Red Hat that night and made a Saturday evening reservation for ourselves. We only live 20 minutes away. We drove over and had the most amazing dinner this past Saturday. It was too cold to sit outside and they gave us a wonderful table upstairs. We got there at 6:00 so the sun was just starting to set which we were able to enjoy because the upstairs windows had filters on them so we could see out but not be encumbered by the glare of the sun. It was absolutely wonderful.

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you “thank you” for your article and suggestion.

Best regards,


Mary Skoyles

Medical Media Services, Inc.


THE EXCHANGE truly represents a social community. I received an ABUNDANCE of responses from my recent Superbowl article from all sorts of industry colleagues, friend and family alike. Writing for THE EXCHANGE is a great experience – a very supportive, smart creative group with whom collaboration is a breeze! I am always willing to support THE EXCHANGE.

Thanks again,


Jenny Day


Connect Healthcare Communications, Inc.



I am getting a ton of email from colleagues and past-co-workers! So that is good to know that THE EXCHANGE is well-read!

Good Job!


Alan Bianchi

Director and Market Development Lead – Cardiovascular


I just wanted to share with you that I got numerous responses regarding the article that my daughter Heather and I recently wrote regarding The Jed Foundation. I heard from people that I have not spoken to in years, as well as my colleagues that I speak to regularly. It is amazing to see what a great asset THE EXCHANGE is. As I buy media for a living, it is very transparent and obvious that print still works. You can conduct survey after survey, but this is a true testament to exposure potential. People are reading THE EXCHANGE and taking the time to take action and reply, which is a real compliment to your publication and team. I am also impressed to see the levels of pharma marketing executives who are receiving and reading your publication. To me this is better than any ad test or questionnaire survey.

Thank you for allowing me to communicate to this wonderful industry and I look forward to writing future articles.

Best Wishes,

Dora P. Shankman

President & CEO

Shankman Marketing and Media Resources, LLC.

164 Patriot Hill Drive

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Here is an email correspondence that resulted from Dora & Heather Shankman’s story:

Hi! I just read your article on the Jed Foundation. I LOVE THE HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE . . . I look forward to receiving it every month! I feel like I know someone famous – seeing you on the cover. Great picture of you both. . . Heather is so pretty!

Kind Regards,

C. David Green, R.Ph.

Director, Valeant Neurology


Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to let you know how far reaching THE EXCHANGE is. When Leslie and I wrote the article on our participation with The Leukemia Lymphoma Society we both received many emails and phone calls. In particular, a brand manager at a pharma company who we didn't even know reached out to us regarding the type of drug treatment my father-in-law had received. It was a very nice call to get.

Best regards,

John Molluso

Director of Advertising Sales

American Family Physician

Family Practice Management


I received really great positive feedback from several of our media partners. Some I had met before and other’s I’ve only dealt with via email or phone. Most thought my story was really funny and well written, which was great to hear as a Journalism major. Others mentioned how nice it was to see another side of me as they only know me professionally. It was wonderful to know that people actually took the time to read it – especially my peers!

The overall experience was excellent. Elise’s feedback on my article was very reinforcing and extremely helpful. Nancy’s comments on my piece were so nice! It normally doesn’t take me long to write a piece once I really get going, so it was so nice to be able to share something in THE EXCHANGE . . . and have it not feel like work. I would easily write for you all again in a heartbeat!

Heather Klose

Assistant Media Planner

SSCG Media Group


I received several emails from colleagues and friends in the industry. They enjoyed my story and poked some fun at the butt of my joke, who they were all able to indentify pretty quickly. The majority of the feedback came from people who I work somewhat closely with. However, I got a very nice email from someone who I’ve really only worked with sparingly online. Since, I enjoyed her note, I’ve included it below.

I really enjoyed participating, as I always wanted to in some way, shape, or form, but was just never able to find the time. When the Humor Issue came around, I used it as an excuse to force myself to write something. I enjoyed working with your team and thought the piece came out well. Plus, I got a nice reaction, which is what I was hoping for.

Thanks again,

John Loughran

Vice President, Business Director

Triple Threat Media

Here is an email correspondence that resulted from my article:

Hi John,

I hope this email finds you well!

I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for the laughs I got from your article in THE EXCHANGE this month. It was one of the best stories I have read since I started receiving the magazine. I love office pranks, and yours is pretty good! ;-)

Take care,

Wendy Gibson

Senior Buying Service Coordinator



I enjoyed writing about my trip to Ireland and sharing with your readers the wonderful experience of the golf courses and Irish people. I did hear from a few old friends I hadn’t heard from in years. Even my uncle, Dave Arsenault, who used to work in the healthcare industry, contacted me in response to the article. That was great because I hadn’t heard from him in a couple of years and now I plan to go see him. He told me he still reads THE HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE to keep in touch with the industry. Thanks again.

Jim Arsenault

Vice President, Account Director



Thank you for publishing my little story on “Henry the Recycler of all Paper”. It was fun to

write, but most especially it was great hearing from many friends in the industry who enjoyed reading it. Here’s a typical comment that I heard: “I read with enjoyment of your article in the March issue of THE HEALTHCARE MARKTER’S EXCHANGE. It was funny!”

Thanks again for the opportunity, and for making my little Henry a “star”. . . He just may eat a copy of the publication in celebration!

Susan Fagan

Senior Account Manager



I received a few emails from both colleagues and people in the industry. They were very complimentary.

I’ve written about six or seven times for THE EXCHANGE. It’s always a wonderful experience.

Paulette McCarron

Senior Vice President, Account Director

Communications Media Inc.


I did get some response from people in the industry. Mostly phone calls from people I have not connected with in a long time, which is a nice touch on so many levels.

As someone who has been “published” by THE EXCHANGE three or four times you must know that I love to read what I write, and from time to time will commit fingers to keypad and beg THE EXCHANGE again.

Dick Elliott


Medical Marketing Service Inc.


I appreciated the opportunity to look back over my life and share my experience and outlook by participating in Healthcare Marketer's Exchange Overcoming Adversity issue (Living Life to the Fullest).

I heard from many people, both those who are currently dear friends and those who I’ve reconnected with after many years, among them Dean Maglaris, Judy Manning, Ron Pantello, Marty McNamara, Dennis Hoppe, and Peggy Marcus, Jim Dougherty, from companies like Bayer, MAHF, Euro RSCG Life, CAHG, Pfizer, LLNS, and more. Here are a few excerpts from the many encouraging notes I received:

“Thank you for sharing your moving and inspiring story. While the grief you have experienced is unimaginable, you have managed, with the help of your faith and family, to create a meaningful life that honors those you have lost. Yours is a courageous journey.”

“Someone once told me, ‘You may not be able to control what happens to you, but what you have most control over is how you react.’ I've carried that saying around with me the last number of years and, together with getting a wee bit older, I can finally say I get it. I think you did a wonderful job of outlining in your article the very same thought. It's today that really counts, that's why I love the saying my old-soul, 10-year-old daughter taught me, which I had not heard before:

‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why we call it the present!’”

“I read your story in Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange. It is very moving and inspiring to me. I knew of some of your obstacles, but never realized the extent of them. Yours is a true success story, thank you for sharing with us.”

“I experienced several emotional moments after reading your personal article in THE EXCHANGE. I cannot imagine having the same strength you had during these devastating losses in life.

Having four children myself, I can relate to wanting to protect them all the time, but bad things happen that are beyond one’s control. My oldest son also looked to drugs to cure his depression, luckily, he overcame this demon and is now doing well. As you, my faith and family are what kept me going.”

“Your article touched me deeply, as I'm sure it has many other readers of THE EXCHANGE.”

“Thanks for the article. It’s a great reminder that every day is's a privilege to be old...we have a limited supply of tomorrows, we must use them well.”

Thanks for the opportunity and may God bless each of you EVERY day,

Al Nickel




I have to tell you, I have heard from so many people, I’ve started printing their responses. Number-wise I would say I received more than 30 emails. I’m just amazed.

A few things really stand out among all the respons­es…while, all were encouraged by my story, some remem­ber all too well since they were among the angels getting me from point A to point B. These friends reminded me of things even I forgot. I’ve heard from some people that I haven’t seen in years. I’ve reconnected with people that were certainly “industry friends” and either they moved on to other fields or retired, etc. It was so wonderful to hear from them again.

Some of the emails mentioned something I did for people when they were going through a rough patch; that “paying forward” I spoke of has been terribly rewarding and good for my soul to put fingers to key­board and say “thank you.” And to you for being the vehicle through which I was able to do this, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU.

It has truly been a very gratifying experience.

Elaine Gaffney

Media Specialist

Havas Health


Hi Nancy,

I received some really nice emails as a result of my article in THE EXCHANGE.  Barbara Morano reached out to me and I have not heard from her since we worked together at Sudler & Hennessey in 1990-1993.  That is more than 20 years ago! THE EXCHANGE is a powerful way to bring people together after many many years. Thanks again.

Robert Stovall


It was my pleasure writing this article. It brought back some wonderful memories of an incredible period of time relating to our industry. It reminded me of how fortunate I was to have met and worked for such a remarkable man. I have received a few e-mails.

Jack Gentile, Jr.


HarborsidePress, LLC

Here are some of the email responses to my story:

Hi Jack,

I just read your article in THE EXCHANGE. It is amazing how God works. I think you know that my mom and dad have passed. I was just going through all the family photos over the last two days and I came across, I think, every Christmas card that you had sent them. Many had Christmas photos of your kids. Not to mention all the Pacer’s Newsletters that they saved. There were other industry photos too. I was thinking, whatever happened to Jack? And then I got THE EXCHANGE and read your article. I just had to shoot you an email to tell you that I was just thinking of you and there you were. As I said, funny how God works. Nice article and I am sure Dad would have gotten a chuckle out of it and Mom would have saved it. We miss him and Mom dearly.

Best regards,

Art Jr.


Hi Jack,

It must be fate. I was looking at the Gucci card holder you gave me (yes I still have it) and thought of you. Then my brother sends me this article!! By the way, that card holder set me on the path to close to obsession (60 + pocketbooks and I can't count the number of shoes), yes, all your fault.

Hope you and your family is doing well.

It was so nice of you to give my father credit. We miss him so much.

Warm Regards,



I really enjoyed your article in the June issue of THE EXCHANGE. The background on the origins of IMNG was particularly edifying. Thanks for taking the time to share your story.

Terence J. Nugent

Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

Medical Marketing Service, Inc. (MMS)


Hey Jack,

Hope all is well. I just LOVED your story. If I remember correctly I thought Jack was God... Good looking, young, rich, smart, fun!!! What a wonderful combination.

Stories like yours make me long for the days when this industry was really a "fun" place to work. I'm glad back then we knew how lucky we were to be part of something that was different, interesting, and special.

Thanks for the memories!!

My love to Geri...

Elaine Gaffney

Media Specialist

Havas Worldwide Health

I will close with the most important one and that is from Jack Scher's daughter, Emily.


I just read your article and of course it brought me to tears. I'm so glad you had that long conversation with my dad the night before he died. I hadn't spoken to him for a few days and often wished I had gotten to have that. Hearing you did filled that gap for me. I love your story of meeting him and how you offered to work for free. It's great to hear how he responded to your request with humor and then paying you right away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old picture of you! I remember that guy!

I totally remember my dad pointing to your office and seeing you around. Doris used to send me into the supply room to get unlimited pads of paper, pens and a little room with snacks and drinks. I was in heaven there. And my dad's corner office. . . I remember the luxury of it and how well taken care of I felt there. He would take us usually to Le Veau D’or. I'm sure you know the place. They would bring me quiche before ordering a thing! My dad would tell me when I was old enough to have a glass of white wine how well it married with the bread. He would relish the flavor of life at every angle. He drank every moment with gratitude. I love sharing your connection with him and helping me spark the love I feel for him. It means so much to me.

I'm so grateful we can connect on FB too! Thank you for your wonderful encouraging comments about my work. I always light up when I see them. Something my dad taught me by example is don't hold back when you feel something good. Say it! So I'm letting you know how happy I am when I hear from you.

I told Adam that I heard from you about your article and he asked if we might get to see you and Gerry this summer? I told him I'd give you guys a shout and see if we might overlap stays.

Thanks so much for sending the article, Jack. It was beautiful to read.




I have received many responses to my Personal Exchange, several of which were from my colleagues that I worked with when I was Media Coordinator. They reached out to congratulate me on the article, and to say how much they enjoyed it. I also received emails from several others who I have not previously interacted with, also congratulating me on the article. One particularly interesting email was from Mary Jane Garvey, PDQ Communications. I found out from her email that her son is Tom Garvey. Tom and I happened to be very friendly in college, but I did not know that his mother was in the pharmaceutical industry. It is really such a small world!

I really enjoyed the experience of writing for THE EXCHANGE. I used to write for the Johns Hopkins Newsletter in college, so it was nice to be involved in writing again after so many years. Thank you for allowing me to participate. It was a great experience!

Ian Purcell

Account Executive

RCW Group


Hi Nancy,

Can’t tell you how many emails I have already received about my article. I am responding to each one, so it’s taking me some time to do so.

Thanks too for the few issues you gave to Amy last Thursday at the HBA Woman of the Year Luncheon at the Hilton. If you can spare some more copies, I would very much appreciate having them to send to my relatives.

Tom Ehardt, our Executive Vice President told me how much he enjoyed the article. He was taking the issue with him to give to Joe Loggia, our C.E.O., at our headquarters in Santa Monica, CA, later in the week.

Take good care of yourself. I look forward to seeing you again at the next AMM meeting.

Warmest regards,

Phyllis Hassard

Advanstar Healthcare Group

Here is an example of a response to my story:

Hi Phyllis,

PHEW! What an amazing story you told in your most recent HME article. I loved reading every word and must say, as a young woman in this industry, it was inspiring!

We met briefly at the Nexus Awards Elise actually introduced us. I wish we had more time to talk because I know I could learn a thing or two (or 20) from you! :)

All the best and hopefully our paths cross again soon.


Shannon Ferguson

National Account Executive

Advance for NP’s & PA’s


I heard from a few people regarding my article Doing What I Can in the November 2012 Charity issue. They were mostly people I’m connected to on LinkedIn from my days in publications. All were really glad to see that I was doing well and working with charity. I really enjoyed writing for THE EXCHANGE – always have!

Gail Feltham


Shore Strategies Health


Writing for THE EXCHANGE (Operation Backpack – Giving a Hand Up for Kids Who Are Homeless, November 2012) was fun, especially to highlight such a special charity. Thanks for the opportunity to give Operation Backpack and the Volunteers of America a bit of publicity. They were very pleased with article. It was also great to recognize my colleagues who helped so much and show how committed the management and employees at Harrison and Star are to supporting our city, New York. After publication, I heard from a number of people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in this industry, including a former boss who is now retired.

Thanks again for the opportunity to write and here’s wishing all of you the happiest of holiday seasons.


Pat Relyea

Vice President, Group Copy Supervisor

Harrison and Star


Here is an email correspondence that resulted from Andrew Watson’s story in the November Charity Issue 2012:

Hi Andrew,

I enjoyed your article in HEALTHCARE MARKETER’S EXCHANGE. Very powerful and moving. Cancer has touched my life in many ways. By the way, I am a contributing writer to THE EXCHANGE as well. Keep cycling and Livestrong!

Robert Stovall



Thanks for your email. Fighting cancer has been a very rewarding experience for me as a representative of this industry and as a father. Establishing a philosophy of servant leadership and philanthropy early in the lives of my boys is a priority to me. 2012 was a controversial year for LIVESTRONG, but I remain committed to the mission on behalf of the 28 million (some of whom are family) survivors. I will look for your articles on the website. Would love to have you join us for ride/walk/run at the LIVESTRONG Challenge in August.

All the best,

Andrew Watson

AVP, Sales & Marketing

Wockhardt USA


Thanks for including me recently in THE EXCHANGE. Surprisingly, I did receive responses from colleagues. It was amazing. Most of the supplier partners who I work with said they read the article and they found my answers very interesting. Below is an email from a retired partner from CMI who contacted me. How cool! The experience was really fun. I was excited and honored that you selected me to participate in the Personal Exchange and was overjoyed by the generous responses I received from your readers. I believe this experience has strengthened my relationship with my supplier partners because they were able to learn some little known facts about me.

Thanks again

Karysse L. Robinson

Assistant Media Planner


Here is an email responses to my story:

Hi Karysse,

You don't me, but I retired from the industry over 10 years ago. I saw your profile in THE EXCHANGE and you mention that Bermuda is your favorite vacation spot and that your Dad hails from that island paradise. Over the past 50 years, my wife and I have vacationed on the island dozens of times. It is truly heaven on earth. When we were in our early twenties while on the island we met a wonderful man, Henry Woolridge, and his wife, Inez. Henry was like a second father to both of us and whenever he visited we always spent time with him and often his wife. I know Henry passed away nearly 20 years ago and last I heard (about 10 years ago) Inez was in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's. I'm sure she has passed as well. One of Henry's many siblings was James, who was in government for a long time. I'm wondering if your dad knows of the Woolridge family or perhaps your grandfather would remember Henry? The mention of Bermuda brought a flood of memories back, although I must confess we were there as recently as early June.

Is Stan Woodland still active in your company? If so, give him my regards. Thanks for "listening" to this old man reminisce.

Frank Marchese




I have to tell you I have heard from so many people I've started printing their responses. Number wise I would say more than 30. I'm just amazed.

A few things really stand out among all the responses... while all were encouraged by the words, some remember all too well since they were among the angels getting me from point A to point B. These friends reminded me of things even I forgot

I've heard from some people that I haven't seen in years. So I've reconnected with people that were certainly "industry friends" and either they moved on to other fields or retired, etc. It was so wonderful to hear from them again.

Some of the emails mentioned something I did for them when they were going through a rough patch; that paying forward I spoke of... it has been terribly rewarding and good for my soul to put fingers to keyboard and say "thank you". And to you for being the vehicle through which I was able to do it, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU.

It has truly been a very rewarding experience.

Elaine Gaffney

Media Specialist

Havas Health





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