Nancy Leonard is all about building community throughout the healthcare marketing industry. As publisher and creator of Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange (HME), now celebrating more than 30 years, she has been connecting pharma marketing professionals including pharma companies, agency, publishers and suppliers through this popular and unique publication. Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange serves over 10,000 industry professionals, and has featured over 300 advertisers.

Long before social media as we know it today existed, Nancy envisioned a “house organ” that would allow networking on both a professional and personal level. Available online and in print, the magazine is one-of-a-kind in that it features personal, human-interest editorial that is friendly, entertaining, engaging, and written by fellow members of the industry. The result is a monthly must-read magazine, as well as an interactive website and dynamic digital network, that work together to enable readers to engage in a community that leads to new business, sales, and lasting friendships.

Circulation: 10,700

Launched: February 1, 1992

Advantages to Advertising

  • Unique editorial niche
  • Tremendous visibility
  • Economical
  • Reliable circulation
  • Popular format
  • Timely


Offers an ideal setting for recognition of personal and professional accomplishments, promotions, awards, new product approvals, and other important news involving you, your company, and your colleagues. Meetings, seminars, and social events in the industry are also posted on our calendar. Let us know what's happening – awards, charity events, you name it! Email announcements to news@hmexchange.com.

Feature Articles

Write for THE EXCHANGE – it’s fun, easy, and a great way to network with your colleagues. Contribute articles about travel, hobbies, humor, second careers, charities, fitness, and life experiences, plus dining, book, and website reviews, recipes, and travel tips. Participate in our popular monthly feature Personal Exchange. The possibilities are endless! If it interests you, it interests our readers. Click here for submission information.

Theme Issues

January: Mind, Body, and Spirit

February: 30th Anniversary

March: Why Work Here?

April: All About Pets

May: Everything Digital

June: Life Celebrations

July: Travel and Leisure

August: Travel and Leisure

September: Kids and Family

October: Fall/Halloween

November: Humanitarian

December: Holiday


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