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Michael Targowski
A Rockin’ Family New Year Celebration

Mike Reynolds
Ada’s Pix

Christine Alongi
dtw Research, Inc.
A Timely and Poignant Story

Meredith Barnes
Slack, Inc.
“I’m a Big Kid Now!”

Joseph Beck
Engage Healthcare Communications, L.L.C.
Two Quips from Claire

Phil Altamore
Retired from the American Medical Association
It Is All About Family

John L. Maillard
Out of the Mouth of Beans

Tom Buckley
Redi-Direct Marketing, Inc.
Words of Wisdom

Stacey Conway
NEJM Group
Game Over?

Lisa A. Tomaszewski
HMP Communications
Best Shots and Sharks

Lynn Gale
The Old Campground Just Isn’t What It Used to Be

Tom Tracy
Embarrassing, But Innocent, Observations

Shellie Caplan
College Prepared Them for a Job, Just Not How to Get One

Ilyssa Levins
Center for Communication Compliance (CCC)
Personal Exchange

Proud Parents
Jasmine Asare
Kimberly DiGerardo
Natalie Dubbs
Johanna Jarvis
R.J. Lewis
Elizabeth Milic
Marti Paster
Amanda Kopec Preto
Johanna Tompetrini

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